We Are Still Alive

Hello. Contrary to what you might think from looking at this thing, we are still alive and well and back in Bangkok after summer in Tokyo and then criss-crossing the U.S. Apologies to everyone we did not see: we meant to, of course.

We are back in Bangkok and despite groups unknown attempting to blow up the boat dock at Saphan Taksin we are entirely fine and life proceeds pretty much as usual. The guards now sometimes stop cars trying to drive into the Chatrium? And there are more voluntary bag-searches on the Skytrain. Out of prudence we shouldn’t speculate very much about what’s actually going on in a public way, but certainly there are plenty of rumors which don’t correspond very well with what’s in the press. So basically life as usual.

Let me see. Here are some mice at a shrine in Tokyo:


Here are some adventures in boating:


Here is where we live again:


Flopsy and Butter are doing fine.


And they are keeping the grounds of the Chatrium well hydrated.


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