Climbing Wat Arun

Wat Arun (seen previously) is maybe the most scenic temple in Bangkok. It’s on the other side of the river, so you need to take a ferry to get there. Though it’s the rainy season, we had fine weather for a river crossing:


When you get off the ferry, you can feed the catfish (previously), and you’re greeted by some fine stone crocodiles:


While you can’t climb all the way to the top, you can go a good distance up:



And at the top there are very nice views of the Chao Phraya, which is fairly busy in this section:


There is plenty more to say about this place, but I don’t know very much, so that’s all.

Visiting Wat Pho

I’m still catching up on old posts. We went to visit Wat Pho last week; first, we stopped by the dock to have an almost certainly overpriced, but still delicious, mango and sticky rice:


(Across the river is Wat Arun, where we’re planning on going today.) Wat Pho is best known for its enormous Buddha, which is tricky to photograph especially when you’re as incompetent as I am:


The grounds of the Wat are pleasant, full of little statues that I don’t know enough about but that the baby enjoyed:




And the cloisters are shady and cool:

Time on boats

We spend a lot of time on boats or on the river. Here’s Harriet inspecting the Chao Phraya from a Japanese restaurant in River City, an enormous shopping center:


And here she is on the hotel boat, as we take a mop home:


And here’s the dock of the hotel where we live coming into view: