Regarding the Complaints

Regular readers of this internet thing may have noticed that first, there is nothing to regularly read here, and second, that the name of this internet thing has changed. A reasonable assumption to make based on these observations would be that we had died and are now ghosts. No. We are not ghosts; rather, we moved to Singapore. We were thus immediately confronted with the matter of the truthfulness of the title here. This had, actually, been an ongoing problem. Much of the time we were writing of the banner We Are in Bangkok, we in fact were not in Bangkok and were writing about things that were not happening in Bangkok. We Were in Bangkok has the virtue of being true now and for the foreseeable future. We hope that your trust may be regained. At the very least, we are not lying to you and saying that we are in Bangkok when we are not in Bangkok. Maybe someone will give us an award for truthfulness?

That said: there is not a lot to say about Singapore! You can’t just go around the corner and inspect the hog who lives at the local wat. People have been writing Singapore off as boring since at least Alfred Russel Wallace, who spends barely six pages of The Malay Archipelago wandering around it, marveling at the extremely large number of beetles and how a tiger ate someone once a day before leaving for Malacca because there weren’t enough birds for his taste. Now no one even gets eaten by tigers. It is a bad situation, but we will make the best of it somehow. Not yet though.