Yet Another Cat Café

Okay, enough nonsense about Burma, back to this blog’s core competency, which is cat cafés when it is not aquatic reptiles. Today we went to Caturday Cat Café. First we were going to go to the rabbit café, but it turned out that they have up and moved to Chiang Mai. The other cat cafés we hadn’t been to seemed like they were a long way from anything. So we decided on Caturday, which is right next to the Rachathewi BTS stop, making it Bangkok’s most easily accessible cat café.


This also means that it’s Bangkok’s most crowded cat café, at least on a Sunday afternoon. Cara Meow, down the street from us, is almost never crowded, which is mostly because it is in the basement of a mall where almost nothing else is open. Maybe Purrfect Cat Café or whatever that other place is called gets crowded, though it’s much bigger than the other two. Caturday is a little smaller than Cara Meow, too small even for chairs, and it is stuffed to the gills with people and cats. Or at least it is on a Sunday afternoon: there was a line out the door and a one-hour limit.

How does Caturday compare? It does have some splendid cats. However, it is so full of people that most of the cats are inaccessible, and I came away with the impression that the cats were probably better than Cara Meow and not quite as good as Purrfect. Also it is a no-pick-up cat café, which differs from Cara Meow, which is more of an anything goes cat café, where you can even bring your own cat. Caturday does have a pretty good cat habitat, though, all sorts of things for them to climb on and a cat terrarium (there is a technical name for this I’m sure but I don’t know it) made out of hollowed-out televisions which is pretty nice.


The food is a little fancier than at either of the other ones, but not that much fancier. Also if you are going to a car café for the food something is wrong with you.

Finally, it is maybe worth noting that one of the cats bit Kim. The parking lot outside did seem to be full of uncommonly friendly street cats, some with collars; possibly they have some kind of open door policy. But what an open door policy at a cat café gets you is bit. Let that be a lesson to all of us


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