We Went to Hong Kong

We went to Hong Kong again, and this time I took a few more pictures. We did not actually do very much in Hong Kong – mostly we had a lot of drama with telephones and the various ways in which they can go wrong – but we ate a lot of delicious food and wandered around.

The first place we went to was the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, which you can learn about here. This was reasonably close to where we were staying, in Sha Tin, though that did not mean that it was easy for us to get there. We did have a nice walk along a canal. In Hong Kong, even the tree roots are orderly:

orderly tree roots

Eventually we made it to the mountain where the temple is and we started climbing up. The way is lined with statues of monks, each individually done:


I could easily add twenty pictures of monk-statues to this, but I will restrain myself:







They are fine-looking fellows.


Then after all of that, there’s a temple at the top, with more statues and fine views:



Also there are some rather perplexing statues, not really explained:



You’re not supposed to take pictures of the main shrine, but it does have a huge number of Buddhas in it:


After all of that, we went back down the hill.


After that we went to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, which mostly seemed to have a very comprehensive exhibit on the life of Bruce Lee, which we were not allowed to photograph. Harriet learned a great deal about the life of Bruce Lee.

The next day we went and met our friends Jenny and Anthony and their children in Kowloon Park, which is very pleasant and will keep your children entertained all day. Here they are attempting to get bird flu from some sick pigeons:


Some time after that we spent a great deal of time attempting to meet up with my friend Jace for lunch, ending up going through a building structure that looked like this:


And later that night we wandered around looking for dinner and the children were very interested in a store selling dice:


And that’s what happened, mostly.

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