A Visit to the Squid Market

Having just returned from the U.S., we are more jetlagged than not, which means that everyone keels over at seven in the evening and is wide awake at 5 a.m. if not sooner. It’s basically a disaster. So this morning we went to go look at the squid market which is just north of us, on Charoen Krung soi 60. This is a late night affair, and even by six it’s shutting down. But there are still plenty of squid on display:


There are a few crabs and some prawns for good measure, but this street is almost entirely squid and octopus. A teuthologist would be astounded, or perhaps horrified, by the variety of squid that you can get here. Some appears to be frozen; most of it is displayed on ice.


The prices seem reasonable but we did not buy any squid. Next time we are up this early!


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