On the way to the Mae Nak shrine

Maybe you are interested in what the baby eats all day. Today I documented most of what she consumed on the way to Mae Nak’s house. First there was a fried banana:


Then some fried pork on a stick because Harriet won’t let me pass the fried pork man under the Skytrain entrain without buying some:


Then these cakes, which seemed to be grilled sticky rice, not that delicious:


(There was also some watermelon in here which I failed to photograph.)

Next she had a bright purple drink labeled “Asian pigeonwings drink” which she consumed as if she had not been given anything to drink in weeks. I was somewhat relieved to find that “Asian pigeonwings” is the name of a flower.


From the same stand, I got this Kickapoo Joy Juice, which I judiciously did not let the baby consume. You can learn about that here. You are not missing much if they do not have Kickapoo Joy Juice where you are.


Next she had some fried pork belly, though that went quickly and was hard to photograph:


And finally she had a yellow drink that I think was chrysanthemum, though I’m not sure. It was pretty good.


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