Semi-Homemade Crispy Catfish Salad

Somehow in the month that we have been here we have not managed to have crispy catfish salad (yam pla-duk fu). How this is possible, I don’t know. But here I will explain how you can have this fine dish for yourself. First what you do is you go to the market and you buy a bag with all the ingredients for crispy catfish salad in it. It looks like this:


You take that home, obviously. Then get a bowl. At the bottom of the bowl stick the lettuce. Then pour the little baggie of fried catfish and peanuts on top of that. Then pour the little baggie of mango and onion and cilantro on top of that. Finally pour the baggie of fish sauce, chili, and lime juice over the top of that. What you end up with looks like this:


You have just made yourself a fine lunch. Congratulate yourself!

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