At the snake farm

Also poorly photographed was our visit to the snake farm. The snake farm is in the middle of Bangkok; it’s run by the Thai Red Cross and named after Queen Saovabha. They breed poisonous snakes so that their venom can be used to create antivenom; if you arrive in the morning, you can see them milking the snakes, but we didn’t get there in time to see that. They do have a wide variety of snakes (both venomous and not) on view, and Harriet was initially pleased to see them all:


After the snake-handling show, which is fairly impressive – they let king cobras wander around – they let the visitors get their pictures taken with a Burmese python. Harriet was initially extremely pleased about this prospect, but then remembered that she hates to be photographed:


After that we went into the museum, where this exhibit explains how to beat snakebite victims with sticks. That did not help him.


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